In nowdays, people want to contribuite to the planet by a simple way: through buy vegan products. It’s cover from personal care products (soap,shampoo,body lotions) to homehold supplies, (like clothes detergent, dishwashers), even crockery. But now, we deepens in a particual issue: the makeup.

Animals had been used to test cosmetic products, because are cheaper than humans. However, lately it’s changing: A emphatetics animals groups (like “No más vivisección”,or “Kimkelen”) are creating awarness about animal pain. Somebody, disclosing information. Anothers, creating handmaded products to sell to the general public.

A clear example of those was “Feria Ecobelleza 2019”: In May, “Estación Mapocho” keep many stands about “Cruelty Free” products (handmaded many of those). For example: “Olbiuti Cosmetics”, “Higher Living” (organyc tea), “El espacio de belleza” (The first beauty salon 100% Cruelty Free), Capricho Mío (Paper Earings and Pockets), EcoSoulLife (dishes,culteries, cups and straws alternatives to plastic),Redisueña (Toys and Games), BicoccaDiseño (Stamps), Libretas Granada and Recycle & Reutilice, among other things.